No Equal Evil Opposite

It’s too bad that the world would put Satan on an equal (albeit opposite) footing to Jesus. Too bad, because it’s wrong… the God-Man has no equal in creation and Satan is that… created and defeated.That’s the way of the world, the sinful flesh, and the devil himself. They would twist anything to make you believe that Jesus isn’t all he says he is.

But who is he?? Jesus is the Son of God…begotten of the Heavenly Father from all eternity and also true man, born of the Virgin Mary. He’s taken the flesh and blood of man as his own and he has died to pay your debt. The cross of Jesus is Satan’s undoing and the resurrection of Christ is Satan’s destruction. On earth, Satan may have no equal, but that’s okay… one from heaven has come…he is stronger and he has triumphed over Satan and death. Jesus is your victor, your forgiveness, your life.