This past weekend I got my hands on a new book by Rev. Matthew Harrison.  The book is called, “A Little Book on Joy.”  It is published by Lutheran Legacy.  “‘So many churches, so many pastors and Christians have so little joy today,’ my friend observed. ‘These are difficult times.'”  I’ve only read the first chapter so far… but it is a great read.  You can pick up the book at  It doesn’t cost that much and it will be a pleasure for you.  Are these difficult times?  Is the joy gone?  Yesterday’s gospel reading, Luke 11:14-28, showed how good the devil is at making the joy evaporate.  The finger of God had just cast out a demon.  The finger of God forgave the sins of 40+ people at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in north Houston yesterday morning.  It was a miracle.  They were all freed.  Yet someone said of Jesus that he was casting out demons by the ruler of the demons.  The joy evaporated from that scene when Beelzebul’s name was mentioned.  And yet, Jesus made sure that it wasn’t really gone.  It was the same yesterday at my church.  There was great joy because Satan was defeated and he was cast out.  The Lord of life came and visited his people.  He touched them, he fed them, and he blessed them.  They are living today, basking in the glow of the joy they received in the Cross.  Go get the book.  Read it and tell me what you think.