We Must Have Christian Schools

You may think that it is nice that your church has a school. You may think that it is just an outreach among many different outreaches in which your church could engage. Whereas it is nice that your church has a school, it is also necessary that your church has a school. Your church can engage in other outreach, but it really must have a Christian school. The world has gone on a full attack of our children. It is one of the great enemies of the church. The world, the devil, and your sinful nature work together to destroy and lay waste the work of Christ. The United States is no safe haven for Christians. The world here hates Christ as much as it hates him everywhere else. And the world will do its due diligence indoctrinating our children in the ways contrary to the faith. But the Lord has given the work of indoctrinating to parents, not to the state. Classical Lutheran Education uses the Latin phrase, “in loco parentis.” It means literally, “in place of the parent.” Thus Christian schools walk along side the parents in full view and in full communication to bring up the church’s children in the way of the Lord. Supporting your church’s school is a wonderful thing. Lifting up the teachers and administration in your prayers is needed. Let’s see what we can do to establish and support classical Christian education at every congregation. Wouldn’t that be nice.