I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love the taste of coffee. I love the morning ritual of making the coffee and drinking the coffee. I love hearing an espresso machine whirl. I have favorite coffee cups and mugs…well, only two. I keep one at the office and one at home.

I hate the slow drain it has on me. I hate the cheapened sleep. I hate that I seem to be a slave to it. Sometimes I even get tired of the taste for a while.

It’s like there needs to be a reset. So that’s what I’m doing. It’s been six days. I’ve had no problems up to this point. I supplement with DLPA when I start a coffee detox because that keeps the headaches away and minimizes any brain fog. But today I longed for a hot cup to drink from. I wasn’t really concerned about what was in the cup, I just wanted my mug. I tried herbal tea, but after two sips abandoned it all. Hopefully tomorrow is better.