Peace be with you

Part of being a sinner is guilt and terror over our sin. The disciples had fled from Jesus when they had promised to die with him. They were locked in an upper room for fear of the Jews. Then the unthinkable happens. Jesus walks through the locked doors and stands in their midst. The same shock and awe manifested itself in Joseph’s brothers when they realized their brother was alive and in power over them. We feel the pain of our sin in our heart (the BIG Lutheran word for that is contrition). The Law shows us our sin and we feel it in our heart. We feel this terror striking the conscience through the knowledge of sin. Jesus comes into the upper room and he comes to you, too. He comes not to strike terror, but to take your terror away. He strips the guilt from you and leaves you with peace. “Peace be with you!” Don’t be afraid. So you, too, lay your sins before the One who has died and rose again to conquer death and the devil. Confess these heavy sins and let Jesus take them to his cross, and you will have his peace. You know, he doesn’t give peace like the world gives. His peace lasts forever.