Folly to those that are perishing

The word of the cross is just plain dumb to the world. In fact, the three great enemies of our God (the devil, the world, and our sinful nature) do all that they can to show off how dumb, how stupid, the cross is. It is pretty phenomenal. Human wisdom doesn’t create a god that becomes part of his own creation in order that he would be killed by it to save it. However, the true God does just this and thus He made foolish the wisdom of this world. It pleases our God to come down to us as one of us to save us. It pleases him to save us by preaching. So faith comes by hearing. I’ve always found this interesting. It doesn’t come by reading or doing, but instead, God sends preachers so that you may hear his Word and feel it with the water. That you would taste it in the bread and wine and see that the Lord has saved you and taken away your sins. The Word of the Cross is the power of God for us…for by it he saves us!