Holy Cross of Jesus

There is no food and there is no water! The sinful nature speaks in lies and hyperbole. We grumble by nature, we tell everything in exaggerated terms. We don’t like the daily bread come down for us and we love to worry and be anxious. Yesterday’s Gospel in the one year lectionary told us that we can’t serve two masters and that sufficient is the day for its own trouble. But we won’t listen. The sound of our anxious grumbling has wafted up to the ears of God. Perhaps we meant it for our other master. The Israelites meant it for Moses, but God knew that they were really rebelling against him. It was his plan. His exodus. His daily bread that we don’t like.

What about you? What cares have you cast on your spouse, your neighbor, your children? What grumbling have you insisted on and what worry have you orchestrated trying to add one moment to your span of life?

The Living God hears your grumbling and he listens to the prayers you pray to your false gods. He is a jealous God and he will not let it be. There may not be fiery serpents coming for you, but there is fire for those who serve a different master.

Cast all your cares on Jesus. You need a intermediary. Apart from him, your grumbling only produces more pain and trouble. Apart from Jesus we will see and know only death. Indeed, apart from Jesus there is nothing but wrath, anger, and death. But the living God hears the prayers of his people. In the midst of our pain and darkness he gives hope, life, and salvation.

God gave the people a bronze serpent to look upon to live. He did not get rid of the snakes. There is an antidote, there is an answer in the midst of pain and sorrow, but it may not be that he will take away the pain and the sorrow. What he will give is Jesus and his cross. That he gives to you and me. He gives his only begotten Son that you would have love, mercy, and grace in the place of anger, wrath, and death.

Through the blood of Jesus lifted high for everyone to look at there is life. It is the cross alone that is our theology. We wish to see Jesus because our faith bids us look to the sacrificed for our transgression. We not only see him, but we taste and see that the Lord is good.

You have one master. You have one Lord. He is the crucified one. He is the Son of God. He is the one that speaks to the Father for you. There is no need for worry and there is no need for anxiety. Jesus comes for you. Jesus comes near you and gives you himself.

There is food and there is water and there is wine. Food has come down from heaven for you to eat and water that wells up to eternal life. What will we eat? The bread that is Christ’s body. What will we drink? The wine that is Christ’s blood. Listen to the Word of God. Eat his body. Drink his blood. See the one lifted up on the pole and live with him forever.

Numbers 21