The Fullness of Time

In the fullness of time, the Law and Gospel… two doctrines, to convict and to make alive, to kill and to resurrect. It comes from outside of us (extra nos) as the Holy Spirit brings the Word of God to his people…to give light to our path and understanding to our darkness. Christ and his suffering – his death – are delivered to us…the broken and the lost. The blood from the Savior serves as medicine to the ones that lay helpless in death as the siege of the world and Satan continue.

The Law kills. The Law accuses. It shackles us, it points the finger, it cuts like a two-edge sword, it opens us up and reveals the raw sinner that cannot stand before the living God. It leaves us licking our wounds, left on the side of the road as we realize that we have done this to ourselves, to our families, to our neighbors. Left for prey… Brothers and sisters, we are not immune from its weight, we have failed to keep God’s law, his commands fall to our waysides, we have not let the light of his Word have its way with us, we have not let it direct our feet or our tongues…sin rules our lives.

The Kingdom of God is at hand! So near in fact that it is being unfolded before you and here in this place the Holy Spirit has brought you and continues to bring the Word of Life to you, to fill this room with the light only the Christ can give. The Holy Spirit convicts, he delivers Law and Gospel. He delivers Christ – right to you, the Crucified ONE…the one who kept the Law perfectly, your perfect and victorious Lord.

It is the God-man Jesus that is brought low in the Cross so that you will exalted. He is left to hunger in his wounds and upon the cross he satisfies all your needs. Nailed to the cross he floods you with baptismal mercy and in the name of the Holy Trinity, the water that came from his side gives you eternal life to always be showered by the Father’s love. It is Jesus that obeyed the wonderful statutes and longed for the commands of the Lord. It was Jesus that no sin ruled over yet all sin oppressed him to a bloody death. It is God that now commands that the Holy Spirit bring his Word to unfold the WORD of light to you and to give understanding to you. The Father’s face shines upon you his servants because Jesus has made you the Father’s children…Jesus unfolded his hands and stretched out his arms and you are forgiven, not left for prey to devour, but alive, absolved, and forgiven.

That’s our Jesus. He is our fortress and our mighty one. He is our rock and our safe place in every trouble. That will be the thread that runs through our study of Holy Scriptures this year. That is our sure confidence and strength in every time of trouble. We will stand upon this Rock, this Jesus, in every thanksgiving and sing the praises of the mighty one, the Savior of all mankind—the Savior of you.