Conquering Death

The context of our faith conversations are slightly skewed.  It’s not that we have a God that has the power to conquer death.  That is a given.  Is he a powerful God or is he just a figment of the weak and sinful heart, like idols made with human hands…they have mouths but cannot talk, etc.? (And when we introduce this doubt, and I mean us – Christians, we don’t destroy the sacred.  God continues to be what he is despite our doubting and even in the face of our doubts.)

It’s not that we have a God that talks absolutes and declares eternal truths.  That too is true and a given.  What we so easily miss is that we have a God that HAS conquered death by his very own death.

What are those eternal truths??  What is his power we talk about?  He isn’t a God that is made with human hands or human hearts, he is a God that is eternal – that has become the man that by his own crucifixion saves sinners.  The creator has taken on creation.  God, the creator of all things, has become Man, born of the Virgin Mary.  He came to redeem the created.  He died to save you from sin and death and the devil.  And that God conquered death.  He conquered your death and now you are alive in him.

Now you find yourself in the context of a living God-Man, Jesus.  You are one of his many members and he is your head.  He has mastery over death and he will die no more… which means you too will dwell with him.