Did God really say??

Think with me how to engage the young people in your parish/congregation.  What do you do specifically to reach out to the young people?  This is a guest post written by Deaconess Rose Adle.  Rose was the associate director of the deaconess program at Concordia Theological Seminary while I was studying there a few years ago.  She is married to Pastor Scott Adle and they have three children.  Her topic?  Young women in the church.  Her post specifically addresses order of creation and speaking to God’s people the Word God has given us to speak.  I’m sure you’ll love it.  Thanks, Rosie.

ENTER Deaconess Rose Adle

All of us are to be fed regularly on God’s Word and Sacraments. These precious gifts are as needed by males as they are by females, young and old alike. Here there is no distinction.

When it comes to providing unique encouragement and exhortation for young women, the Church says what God says.

Eve was created to be a helper suitable to Adam. This order of creation was significant then, and it’s no less important today.

When Satan tempted Eve, he appealed to her pride. Why be the helper when you can be the head? Why take instructions when you can give them?

“Did God actually say…?” Satan asked Eve. He invited her to teach him and to take charge. He invited her to spit out that rotten “helper” role and bite into something sweeter and juicier. Eve took the bait and took the bite. Women have done the same ever since.

Did God actually say that women should be in silent submission in the churches? Did God actually say that a wife is to submit to her husband? Did God actually say that the woman is the weaker vessel? Did God actually say that a woman should be adorned with a gentle and quiet spirit?

For the Church to encourage young women in their God-given identities, we must remind them that God did actually say these things. Satan tells us that God didn’t mean it quite like that. The world tells us that those things don’t apply anymore. Our sinful nature tells us that we are too special, too gifted, and too important to accept these roles prescribed in Scripture. We are tempted to think, talk, and act as though God did not actually say these things.

The Church, meanwhile, encourages women to rejoice in our identity according to the created order, rather than to reject, avoid, or craftily circumvent it. The Church teaches that the Lord ordered creation as He did out of His deep love for humanity. The creation of a woman was so excellent because it provided the world with a creature that was different – a suitable helper that was beautiful and beloved, who could delight in being provided for and protected, just as the Church is served by Christ, her Lord.

The qualities unique to women made us needed way back in Genesis, and these differences continue to demonstrate our value today. The church serves men and women well by teaching that manhood and womanhood are distinct and this is good. In knowing who we are as creatures and in living according to these distinctions, we praise the Creator for His work. Did God actually say that it was very good? He did!