Free to be faithful

The Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison has posted a new video on YouTube about the ongoing attacks upon our religious freedom in America.  Check it out here.  Our God has called us to be faithful.  It doesn’t always mean that we will be popular.  Indeed, Christ says that being a Christian will in fact mean pain and persecution.  Being made cross shaped is part of the game…indeed God is creating in us a new heart.  He’s taking out the one that runs from God and instead renewing a right spirit (Psalm 51).  With the Holy Spirit, God is keeping us in the faith, making us little Christs, and sustaining us in the warfare of life.  Pain will come, splinters will be driven deep into our skin, but Christ sustains us.  Christ, who died upon the cross and rose for our justification, makes all things new even in the face of a real world/new world disaster.  When they differ, we must obey God rather than men, for it is by the Word of God that we have life.  Check out the video.  Pray for our country, pray for your fellow Christians, bear the crosses of your neighbors, and know that Christ has redeemed you and you are forgiven and alive to God.