Hope in Houston

My mind has been captivated in outreach and evangelism.  I work in the midst of inner-citty Houston.  Our Redeemer Lutheran Church is in north Houston and we are located in the middle of a large hispanic community.  But what does it mean to be a Christian congregation in a community and what should and could we be doing for the community and for the city.  I’d love to hear from those of you that are working in inner-city parishes.  I’m really excited about the months ahead.  Building hope in the midst of Houston.  Christ died for the lost.  We’re there.  Christ is there.  Let’s rejoice.


One thought on “Hope in Houston

  1. I believe Inner-city is all about the children. The parents are already too old to change their ways and the grand parents already feel bad enough about the way they raised their children. This is a vicious cycle broken only by the love of Christ given to the little ones. It seems a bit devious, but we can use that guilt to have the grand parents bring them to any church activity. I recommend a program modeled after Kool Klub, created by Pr. Charles Wildner. It gives the kids somewhere else to go, besides the streets, after school.

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