Liturgical Question Box – True Body and Blood

Hunger and Thirst and REAL Food

Hunger and thirst are the most basic human urges.  In the Lord’s supper, Jesus satisfies those most basic urges in a  unique way.  Whereas other meals offer benefits that last for the moment, the Lord’s Supper offers an eternal benefit for those who eat and drink in faith.  Through His body and blood in the Lord’s Supper, Jesus promises us the forgiveness of sins and a foretaste of the eternal feast with Him in heaven.

Some have questioned Jesus’ promise, wondering, “How can He give us His body and blood to eat and drink?  Surely His words are symbolic.”  However, the earliest Christians – the first wave of refugees to flee this sin-starved world – did not take Jesus’ words as mere symbolism.  For example, the apostle Paul affirmed Jesus’ promise in the Lord’s Supper.  He noted that the cup and the bread are a participation (communing, sharing) in the actual body and blood of Jesus.  Jesus would not give His weary disciples symbolic gestures when they need real food!

Just as hungry refugees need more than faint promises or mere hope that things will be better someday, God’s people need something more.  Jesus meets the genuine needs of His people by sustaining them with His very life’s blood.  Each time you receive the Lord’s Supper in faith, you receive a life-giving transfusion.  The body and blood of Christ mingle with your body and blood in a miracle surpassing all the other wonders of heaven and earth.  Don’t grow faint in your faith.  Don’t collapse from spiritual starvation.  Draw near and take part in Christ’s Holy Supper.  He will sustain you and satisfy your needs of body and soul.